Seeking Something New

In order to evolve as a photographer (and as an overall person), the value of being able to see and learn  something new extremely important! The brain is a muscle and external stimulus is the only way to exercise it! Why wouldn’t we try and stay our sharpest by observing and learning about the world around us!

Exploring History

History is unique and oh so very useful in making sense of our present circumstances! It helps us to understand those who lived before us and those who live around us. The choices that civilizations made before us, we all either reap the benefits or suffer the consequences now!  Since many cultures have preserved their history so well, we can learn from  their mistakes,  successes and ensure history doesn’t repeat itself or recognize when it is beginning to do so!

Animals and Nature

Now more than ever wildlife is being threatened into extinction. In our lifetime we will see many of the animals we grew up become extinct! This is not only fast-tracked by climate change, but also from human’s taking away their natural living space. With the world hurtling toward the Tech Age, it’s quickly forgetting about Nature and it’s Animals… Unfortunately , without these very things, life on earth will cease to exist.